Peak Drift Brewing Company and Columbia Craft Brewing Company, both based in Columbia, have merged to form a new parent company called Craft Brew Inc. This joint venture aims to create a holding company for regional breweries, offering resources for scaling up production, in-house can printing, and leveraging economies of scale.

Craft Brew Inc. was established through collaboration between the management teams of both breweries, with the goal of providing a platform for craft breweries and beverage companies to thrive in the industry. By joining forces, they aim to strengthen the craft beer scene in South Carolina and beyond.

Jordan Styles, owner and CEO of Peak Drift Brewing Company, emphasized the importance of strategic partnerships for long-term success in the industry. He sees Craft Brew Inc. as a means to foster collaboration and ensure the security of craft beer in the region.

Craft Brew Inc. will initially operate with two brands under its name, but plans are in place to expand the alliance with more breweries in the future. Despite the corporate consolidation, each brand will retain its unique identity while benefiting from the collective resources and support within the Craft Brew Inc. family.

Richard Strauss, former managing member of Columbia Craft Brewing Company, expressed excitement about the partnership and its potential to further develop the craft beer industry in South Carolina. He highlighted the commitment to producing high-quality products and positioning the state as a leader in craft beer production.

The partnership between Peak Drift and Columbia Craft began in 2023, with Peak Drift brewing select Columbia Craft beers at its production facility. As Craft Brew Inc. grows, the individual brand identities and management teams of the breweries will remain intact. Columbia Craft will continue to operate its taproom in Columbia.

For more information about Craft Brew Inc. and its affiliated breweries, interested individuals can visit the websites of Peak Drift Brewing Company and Columbia Craft Brewing Company.

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