Dear Editor,

Crickentree Golf Course was purchased by a Texas developer with hopes of striking it rich in our backyard. The investor understood the odds of Richland County ultimately approving their request to build up to 1600 homes on the land was a safe gamble. Back room politics and payoffs are not unheard of in this county. Rezoning approval often requires money, a good lawyer, and time.

Three months ago, 150 protestors showed up to the zoning hearing and the developer’s lawyer pulled the request stating, “We felt the timing wasn’t right.”

Per Council’s zoning process, developers may pull and resubmit their proposals at any time – usually after skids are greased and nobody is paying attention.

In late June, when most citizens were vacationing, council members approved rezoning for low density housing on the golf course. While other viable plans for the land had not been fully vetted, this decision by the county is a travesty of justice.

Maybe one day our tax dollars can fund the development of a Master Plan with new zoning processes where by citizens are more in control of our destiny than developers and underserving politicians.

John J Mitchell, III


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