Columbia, S.C. – The South Carolina Quantum Association (SC Quantum) is proud to unveil a groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering the growth of quantum talent and technology in South Carolina. With an allocation of $15 million in funds from the State of South Carolina, SC Quantum is poised to lead the charge in advancing quantum computing and Quantum Information Science (QIS) within the state.

In the years to come, quantum computing and QIS are expected to make significant contributions to vital sectors such as finance, drug discovery, aerospace design, artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, and data security – all of which are crucial to South Carolina’s economy. Recognizing the transformative potential of quantum technology, the U.S. government has identified it as an “Industry of the future,” alongside artificial intelligence and 5G, and has committed over $1.2 billion to quantum research and development budgets in 2022. However, the United States is facing stiff competition from countries like China, France, Germany, and the Netherlands, who are investing heavily in quantum technology.

SC Quantum is dedicated to fostering collaboration among academia, entrepreneurs, industry, and government to accelerate the advancement of this cutting-edge field. Whether leading today or following tomorrow, the quantum industry is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping South Carolina’s economic landscape.

It’s important to note that quantum computing is not a replacement for classical computing, but rather complements it by tackling problems too complex for classical systems through the utilization of quantum physics’ unique properties. It represents a symbiotic relationship between classical and quantum systems, each contributing its strengths to address specific challenges.

Executive Director of SC Quantum, Joe Queenan, stated, “South Carolina has the potential to emerge as a prominent hub for quantum research and commercialization. Through unprecedented collaboration, we aim to inspire technical breakthroughs that will revolutionize our region’s economy and establish South Carolina as a leading destination for quantum discovery, education, and entrepreneurship.”

With support from Sen. Dick Harpootlian and others, the South Carolina Legislature has allocated $15 million – the largest investment in a tech initiative to date – to SC Quantum in the FY2023-24 budget. These funds will be utilized across three key areas:

  1. Education: Workforce development, certificate, and micro-credential programs.
  2. Entrepreneurship: Facilitating technology transfer and supporting entrepreneurs.
  3. Engagement: Convening experts and facilitating demonstration projects.

“SC Quantum is positioning South Carolina at the forefront of quantum innovation,” remarked Sen. Dick Harpootlian. “Columbia, South Carolina, has the potential to become a major innovation hub for this rapidly expanding technology.”

In addition to bolstering South Carolina’s economy and enhancing America’s leadership in Quantum Information Science, this initiative aims to establish the southeast as a premier destination for corporate and government quantum initiatives, paving the way for sustainable economic growth led by entrepreneurs across the state.

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