Shop Road Extension is now open to motorists from Pineview Road to Longwood Road.

The new four-lane divided highway runs about a mile and crosses over Reeder Point Branch. Work on the extension began in early 2017 and was completed this week.

The project aims to increase mobility for residents in the area and support economic development in the County. Shop Road Extension provides access to Richland County’s Pineview Industrial Park, where China Jushi is located.

Funded by the Richland County Transportation Penny Program, the project cost $35 million.

The new road is the first of two phases of the Shop Road Extension project. The second phase, which is in the design process, will extend 3.6 miles from Longwood Road to the intersection of Garners Ferry and Trotter roads. Phase two is scheduled for construction in 2022-2023.

Combined, the first and second phases of the project are expected to cost $71.8 million.

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