Muller Road Middle School’s has been named the 2018 Science Fair winner. 8th grade Leadership Academy teachers held this year’s science fair judging on December 18. Eight students participated in the final judging . 

Congratulations to the following students for placing in the science fair competition:

1st place – Jessica Whitlock

2nd place – Luther Bells

3rd place tie – Rachel Austin and Madison Tankersley

These students are now eligible to compete in the Regional Science Fair against students from all over the state. The regional science fair will be held at the University of South Carolina on March 15. 

: First place winner, Jessica Whitlock, with her winning science fair project on ibuprofen and solubility. Photo Credit: Michal Hope Brandon
: Luther Bells, second place winner, and his science project on leopard geckos and their prey. Photo Credit: Michal Hope Brandon
Third place winners, Rachel Austin and Madison Tankersley, with their science projects on short term memory and whitetail deer food choices. Photo Credit: Michal Hope Brandon

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