The House Legislative Oversight Committee has scheduled a meeting August 13, 2019, at 10 am in Room 110, Blatt Building to receive public input about the Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services; Department of Education; Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services; Secretary of State’s Office; and South Carolina Housing Finance and Development Authority.

During this time the committee invites the public to provide comments and recommendations about these agencies. Individuals can sign up to speak by calling the committee at 803-212-6810, emailing the committee at [email protected], or signing up in person a few minutes prior to the meeting. 

This meeting provides the opportunity to have an individual member of the public’s face and voice connected with the comments while speaking directly to committee members. Information relating to providing testimony to the committee is available online. Also, there is an ongoing opportunity to provide anonymous input, through a public input link on the committee’s website. It is the committee’s practice to publish responses to online surveys verbatim as received by the committee. To access these online materials, go to, click on the “Citizens’ Interest” tab on the top row, then on the “Agency Oversight by House Legislative Oversight Committee” link and finally click on the agency for which you would like to view responses from the public.

The committee’s vision is for South Carolina agencies to become, and continuously remain, the most effective state agencies in the country through processes which eliminate waste and efficiently deploy resources thereby creating greater confidence in state government.

Comments from citizens who choose to provide input are important to the members of the committee because they may help direct the committee to potential areas for improvement within these agencies. 

The specific task of the House Legislative Oversight Committee is to conduct legislative oversight studies on state agencies over the course of seven years. The purpose of a legislative oversight study is to determine if agency laws and programs are being implemented and carried out in accordance with the intent of the General Assembly and whether or not they should be continued, curtailed or even eliminated. Also, the committee recognizes an oversight study serves the purpose of informing the public about an agency. Any legislator may file legislation, which will go through the normal legislative process, to implement recommendations this committee may have relating to the agencies.

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