During a recent board meeting, County Councilman Derrek Pugh delivered a significant boost to the Blythewood Historical Society and Museum by presenting a check for $20,000 in funding. This financial support, sourced from hospitality tax grant funds, is earmarked for initiatives aimed at enhancing tourism in Richland County.

The allocation of these funds underscores the commitment to promoting local history and cultural heritage, with the Blythewood Historical Society and Museum positioned as a key beneficiary. Councilman Pugh emphasized the importance of supporting such institutions to bolster tourism initiatives within the county.

For those interested in exploring the rich history preserved by the Blythewood Historical Society and Museum, further details can be found on their official website: https://blythewoodhistoricalsociety.org. This financial injection is expected to contribute to the museum’s ongoing projects and efforts to attract visitors keen on discovering the historical tapestry of Richland County.