Celebrate Freedom Foundation (CFF) has entered into an arrangement with Fairfield Electric Co-Op to deliver STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) enhancement training in the K-12 educational system in their service area.

Fairfield and CFF recognizes the need for the future work force in the state to become literate in STEM related subjects if they expect to compete for the jobs in the 21st Century.
Both organizations are committed to supporting the K- 12 faculties with as much STEM reinforcement training as possible during the academic year.

CFF will field a mobile training program that can go to the school or events to demonstrate the real-world application of formal STEM classroom subjects stressing to the students the need to have a command of these subjects in order to have a rewarding future work experience. 

Fairfield Co-Op CEO, Bruce Bacon, has accepted the leadership role for the twenty electric co-ops in the state to bring STEM training, especially to rural and Title 1 school systems. The program will begin in the Fairfield service area in academic year 2019-2020. His leadership role will include taking the lead for the co-ops in STEM training in his service area as well as promoting the program among his CEO colleagues throughout the state.

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