As the holiday season approaches, Dominion Energy is helping its customers prepare for an expected increase in scam activity.

Throughout Utility Scam Awareness Week (November 16 – 20), the company provided its customers with helpful tips and resources so they can easily spot and protect themselves against the most common utility scams.

“We want our customers to have the information and resources they need to protect themselves against scams,” said Corynne Arnett, Dominion Energy’s senior vice president of regulatory affairs and customer experience. “Utility scammers are very sophisticated, and they use a variety of tactics to take advantage of you. Sometimes they will use scare tactics and a false sense of urgency to obtain your personal information, while other times they will sound friendly and sympathetic to gain your trust. The most important thing to remember is Dominion Energy will never demand payment information over the phone. If you suspect you’re the target of a scam, hang up and you can always verify your account information on the Dominion Energy app.”

Here are some easy tips to help customers spot a utility scam and the immediate steps they can take to protect themselves:

Spot a scam:
• Dominion Energy will never threaten immediate service disconnection if payment information is not provided over the phone.
• The company will never ask for payment using money orders, prepaid debit or gift cards.
• Company employees will never request to enter a customer’s home without proper identification, an appointment or a reported emergency. Additionally, employees do not ask for payment in person.

Outsmart a scammer:
• Hang up. If a customer is unsure if a call is valid, even if Dominion Energy’s number shows on the caller ID, they should immediately hang up and never provide personal information.
• Verify. Customers can verify their account status, balances or due dates by signing into the Dominion Energy app, checking their online account, or by calling the number located on their energy bill.
• Ignore. Customers should not respond to suspicious emails or text messages or click on links or attachments prompting energy bill payment.
• Report. Tell local authorities about suspicious calls, texts and emails.

Connect with the company:
• Access many payment options conveniently 24/7 by signing into the Dominion Energy app or online account.
• Call the number located on the energy bill for account questions. Company representatives will work with customers to determine the best payment option for their unique situation. Both short-term payment extensions and long-term payment plans are available.
• Learn about Dominion Energy’s additional contributions to its energy assistance programs and support of various community partners to help customers facing financial hardship.

For more scam prevention tips, visit scammers and personal safety..

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