We have so much to be thankful for and to celebrate this Thanksgiving Day including
the Pilgrims that landed at Plymouth Rock with and uncertainty of their fate.

May this Thanksgiving Day be one of care and love and putting a bridle on our bias and hate:
and we need to do it soon or it could be too late.

We can be thankful for our right to have redress of our grievances; but that freedom does not include riots, destruction of public property, and hurting other’s feelings.

As we gather with our relatives and friends around our Thanksgiving Dinner; may we never forget 9/11, that fateful day in September.

We can be thankful for the freedom to live in a democracy; where every person is born equal, and free as a bird flying in an autumn breeze, and listening to the murmurs of the wind blowing through the cottonwood trees.

We are thankful for not only for Thanksgiving but also Independence Day; for it were not for our forefathers, we would not be here to pray, work and play.

Let us be thankful and celebrate our Constitutional Right to Bear Arms; for this helps to guard against any adversary forces that would do us harm.

No doubt we have many injustices in our civilized society; and we should adhere to Dr. Martin Luther’s philosophy, which was to rectify our grievances in peaceful ways including those who have harmed us with their improprieties.

This Thanksgiving, let us be thankful for science, research, technology and invention; with the hope that they will soon find cures for many dreaded diseases that have plagued us for two and a half centuries.

Before we eat our Thanksgiving dinner, let us stop, pause and pray; for we desperately need divine intervention to help us solve the many conflicts of today.

Dr. Carlos W. Gibbons

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