Palmetto Imaging, through its parent company MedQuest Associates, announced today that it has acquired a controlling interest in ImageCare, northeast Columbia’s only full-service outpatient diagnostic imaging center and a Center of Excellence for women’s imaging services in South Carolina.

The ImageCare center, located at 710 Rabon Road, offers a full range of diagnostic imaging services, including MRI, CT, ultrasound, X-ray, fluoroscopy, mammography, breast MRI, bone density and interventional radiology. ImageCare’s highly experienced radiologists will continue to provide professional interpretations of scans performed at the center.

ImageCare represents the fourth location in Palmetto Imaging’s network in the Columbia area, which also includes Palmetto Imaging – Downtown, Palmetto Imaging – West Columbia and Palmetto Imaging – Irmo, and expands Palmetto Imaging’s comprehensive geographic coverage for patients throughout the Columbia Midlands.

“We are pleased to add ImageCare to our Columbia network and to partner with ImageCare’s radiologists going forward. ImageCare has provided high-quality, cost-effective outpatient imaging services to the Columbia community for nearly 20 years,” stated Bruce Elder, CEO of MedQuest Associates. “We look forward to meeting the increasing needs of healthcare consumers and referring physicians for affordable imaging services, particularly as patient responsibility for healthcare costs continues to rise.”

Elder added, “ImageCare also significantly expands our service offerings in women’s imaging and interventional radiology, allowing us to offer a more comprehensive range of services to patients, physicians and payers.”

Dr. Timothy Close, a partner at ImageCare, added, “We are excited to join with Palmetto Imaging to offer the best combination of geographic coverage, range of services and affordability for outpatient medical imaging in the Columbia area.”

MedQuest continues to be the largest outpatient imaging network in South Carolina, providing state-of-the art diagnostic imaging services through 12 accessible locations that offer consumer-based pricing. MedQuest’s role as a premier operator and joint venture partner to leading health systems greatly enhances the ability to meet the healthcare needs of the community, regardless of whether patients have private health insurance, government benefits or are uninsured. The growing popularity of high-deductible health plans in Columbia, Charleston, Greenville, the Grand Strand and across the state make access to quality, affordable imaging providers imperative. For more information about Palmetto Imaging and MedQuest’s operations in South Carolina, visit