Besides trying to hold on to the weeks of summer that are left, few things are more popular in the month of August than the tax-free holidays offered in over a dozen states throughout the country.

South Carolina’s Tax-Free Weekend is coming up and Experimax is ready for customers to take advantage of buying tax free, August 2 and 3 on Experimax’s inventory of Apple electronics including Mac computers, MacBooks, iPad tablets and more, all guaranteed with a 1 year warranty.

“Tax Free Weekend is a great time to save and many people, enthusiastically embrace the tax-free periods,” said Mike Fields, owner of Experimax in Harbison. “The tax-free savings as well as the high quality of the electronics we sell is why we see many more people walk through our doors each month.”

Experimax is located at 1260 Bower Parkway in the Harbison Shopping Center, Columbia. Right between the Bonefish Grill and Kiki’s Chicken & Waffles.

You can even pick out a MacBook or Computer today and they will make sure it is available to you on August 2. Just stop in, pick it out and place a deposit down.

In addition to offering pre-owned devices for sale, Experimax buys and trades used Apple products. Customers may bring in their used Apple devices and sell them for cash or trade them in for a newer version. The company also offers diagnostic services when you are not sure what is wrong with your computer or device.

“Our large stock of pre-owned Mac and Apple products is constantly being expanded upon to bring our customers the best products coupled with the added tax-break perks,” added Mike.

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