Bill Davis, director of Richland County Utilities, was recently selected to represent South Carolina within a worldwide organization of water industry professionals.

Davis will serve as a junior delegate on the Water Environment Federation’s (WEF) House of Delegates (HOD). Following his one-year term, Davis will step into the role of senior delegate for two years.

In his new role with the HOD, Davis represents the Water Environment Association of South Carolina (WEASC), a technical and educational organization that aims to protect the state’s water environment and drinking water.

“I was honored to be selected by the nominating committee to serve a three-year term as WEF delegate for the South Carolina association,” Davis said. “As delegate, I will be able to carry my passion for water to the international stage in the House of Delegates of the Water Environment Federation.”

As RCU director, Davis oversees the water and sewer systems for Richland County. Those systems cover the County’s northwest and southeast areas, serving about 600 water customers and about 15,000 sewer customers.

“Bill Davis’ work with the Water Environment Federation and Water Environment Association of South Carolina shows how dedicated he is to water issues, both at home and around the world,” said Paul Livingston, Richland County Council Chair. “Having someone who cares about clean, quality water at the helm of Richland County Utilities means our residents can be assured of receiving reliable service.”

With more than 30,000 members worldwide, the WEF is one of the largest groups representing the interests of the water industry. The organization includes scientists, engineers, regulators and other professionals, with the goal of improving water quality around the world.

The HOD serves as the federation’s deliberative and representational body, with its delegates advising the WEF board on strategic direction and public policy development. Davis said his role with the HOD puts him in direct contact with other water industry professionals worldwide.

“I look forward to learning new information from our sister associations around the world that can help educate the water industry professionals in South Carolina, empowering them to protect our waterways and ensure clean water is a priority in our state,” Davis said. “I also look to share the successes we have in our great state and what we are doing here at Richland County Utilities.”

Davis is finishing his five-year officer rotation with the WEASC, serving as past president of the organization through the end of June.

Bill Davis, director of Richland County Utilities, left, greets Kevin Anderson, president of the Water Environment Association of South Carolina, following Davis’ ratification as a delegate for the Water Environment Federation’s House of Delegates.

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