Midlands, SC – Get ready to celebrate the second annual Black Eats Week 803 (BEW803) from June 17-23, as part of the Juneteenth festivities! This exciting event highlights our community’s incredible culinary heritage of Black-owned food businesses.

Established in 2023, BEW803 shines a spotlight on Black entrepreneurs in the food industry. It’s a week-long celebration designed to create awareness, attract new customers, and offer everyone the chance to discover and support local favorites.

Event Highlights

  • Special Menus and Deals: Throughout the week, participating food businesses will offer unique menus and promotions. It’s a perfect time to explore new dishes and support our local eateries.

  • Community Activities: Beyond the delicious food, there will be community events and activities to celebrate and connect with our vibrant local culture.

Khali Gallman, the event organizer, shared the importance of BEW803, stating, “We are thrilled to bring Black Eats Week 803 back to the Midlands this year. Last year, over 2,500 people enjoyed meals at participating businesses, many of whom were first-time customers. This event is vital because it builds awareness, boosts the local economy, and, most importantly, showcases some fantastic food. Mark your calendars, because this year promises to be even bigger and better!”

How to Participate

  • Business Registration: BEW803 is open to all Black-owned food businesses, including restaurants, food trucks, bakeries, and creameries. Interested businesses can register by visiting the Black Eats Week 803 website or calling 803-922-5310.

  • Returning Favorites: Fan favorites like Rebel Dogs, a well-loved hot dog spot in the Vista, and Annie B’s Mini Donuts, a hit from last year, are already signed up.

Stay Informed

  • Exclusive Updates: For all the latest details, including participating businesses and special event schedules, download the free Soda City Certified app or check out the BEW803 website. The app will provide exclusive information throughout the week.

Join us in celebrating Black Eats Week 803 as we honor Juneteenth and support our local Black-owned food businesses. It’s an opportunity to enjoy great food, participate in community events, and contribute to the vibrancy of our local economy. Let’s make this week a memorable one for our community!

Celebrate the rich culinary traditions of our Black-owned food establishments during Black Eats Week 803. It’s a great way to support local businesses and enjoy some fantastic food. Don’t miss out on this wonderful community event!

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