As the school year winds down across the state, school districts will be collecting thousands of student devices which could create potential security risks. These devices include iPads, Chromebooks and other handheld portable computers.

“A data breach of just one device could expose sensitive student information,” Paul Erickson

Some of these devices will be re-used by schools next year, while others will be sold or exchanged back into the market to recover their value.

For most school districts, this will be the first time challenged with selling or exchanging this many devices at one time. In either case, if these devices are not properly processed, student data could be compromised if they get into the wrong hands.

“Schools need to have quality control procedures in place to ensure that devices erased by students are secure,” said Paul Erickson, owner of Full Cycle Wireless, a local IT Asset disposition and recovery firm. “There are acceptable methods of erasure depending on the operating system used by each device and a data breach of just one device could expose sensitive student information and invite a high level of liability to the school district.”

While most school districts are taking precautions, some may not be fully aware of the risks involved. Erickson recommends school districts partner with only certified firms to ensure that every step of the recovery, data sanitization, re-use and recycling process is transparent and 100 percent auditable. By doing this school districts will mitigate their risk and guarantee their students are protected.

For more information on the risks and precautions for student data contact Paul Erickson at Full Cycle Wireless 803-343-9392.