It’s past time to take action on guns


The Oregon murderer is the victim of poor timing. With all the bad news; the weather, plane crash in Afghanistan, the current crop of office seeking politicians and their never ending gaffs; his news glory has been severely cut short.


Nine years ago, almost to the day, my daughter was murdered. Her murderer, along with this most current murderer in Oregon, was mad at the world. Both killers had easy access to weapons.


My daughter’s murderer wrote entries on his social media page for over a month, ranting about how the world had done him wrong, how he had been repeatedly disrespected, how he deserved much better, how he would get back at the world. This current murderer wrote a multiple page manifesto with similar themes. No one took notice. No one notified law enforcement, mental health agencies, physicians.


My daughter’s murderer was living with his estranged/ex wife. From all accounts, they showed no means of financial income. However, a respected businessman, without doing any research or background checks, allowed these strangers to live with him in his home for over a month. This Oregon murderer lived with his mother, same abode. How could she not know of his amassing of weapons and ammunition? Her lack of responsible behavior, no matter the reasoning, enabled his continued behavior and its down spiraling developments.


My daughter’s murderer’s host kept an unsecured, loaded weapon, in plain view, with in the common living spaces. He knew his car was missing before he entered his home. He knew almost immediately that the loaded, unsecured weapon was gone. He knew who took them. This was 10 days before my daughter, number 8 attributed to that gun, was murdered. Yet, his words, he wanted to give this killer the benefit of the doubt. So he did not report either the gun or the car missing/stolen. The only mention of the Oregon murderer’s mother recalls her mentioning his strange behavior to a neighbor but no further securing of advice or help.


The most recent murders did not take place in a gun free zone. Concealed weapons are legally permitted on campus. If more guns were the answer, why has Australia been so successful in eliminating the mass carnage?


It is time to stop drinking the NRA Kool-Aid.  It is time, past time, to take some real action. The Second Amendment is not omnipotent. It, along with all the other Amendments, can and have been restricted. Responsibility is not excused by our Constitution or any of its amendments. Tell your elected officials, local, county, state, and federal, to sponsor Lizzy’s Law.


Joanne Hafter