Dear Editor,

The professional football player who recently refused to stand for the National Anthem stirred strong feelings in many Americans — although probably not the feelings he intended.

His refusal to stand during the National Anthem reminds us that we live in a country where a backup quarterback in the NFL, with a mediocre record, can earn $12 million a year and still feel oppressed by his country and believe that he is owed something more.

I’ll admit I was brought up in a very patriotic family and my parents were part of America’s greatest generation – so maybe that’s why this guy’s behavior concerns me as much as it does. But I have an idea. Maybe his team should offer him counseling to help him understand his good fortune, or else help him try to find a country more to his liking.

Refusing to stand for the National Anthem, when you are able to do so, is as disrespectful and un-American as trampling on the U.S. Flag.  He should be ashamed of his behavior, and should offer an apology to America.  Otherwise, the team whose uniform he also disgraced should let him stay seated during every game – on the bench.


Dan Eckstrom

Lexington County